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I don't even know what to say, this made things so much eareis!
Thanks for the story on Best Book Buys new mobile site. Also, I aatercippe the information you provided on the other online booksellers mobile sites.Best Book Buys is now also searching on renting textbooks/books. We just added this feature and will be announcing it shortly.
전이사님..여러번 sneaking 만하고 처음 글을 쓰는군요. 이미 들어가 보셨겠지만 ^^ Search Engine Watch 는 검색엔진에 관련된 모든 정보와 소식을 전하는, 정보검색 분야의 Zdnet 같은 존재랍니다. Vivisimo 는 국내에도 JointVenture 형태로 진입을 노렸으나 아직 힘을 못쓰고 있는 검색엔진이고, Text Clustering 을 쓰고 있는 검색엔진은 "마이사이먼" 으로 유명한 윤여걸 사장이 개발했던 Wisenut 이 있습니다. 아시겠지만 최근에 Amazon.com 에서 A9 을 오픈했는데요..생각보다 괜찮은 서비스인것 같습니다. Amazon 과의 Synergy 효과를 어떻게 이끌어낼지는 모르겠지만 즐건 한주되세요.
I think that mobile adnvitisreg as you've described it falls into two distinct categories.Advertising that comes via SMS or MMS is spam, pure and simple. If it becomes very prevalent, we'll start seeing the same level of hatred towards it and effort put into filtering it. I hope Google still values their "do no evil" mantra enough to avoid becoming a spammer.Advertising that is part of a mobile web page is much more analagous to adnvitisreg on the normal web as we have it now, with an important caveat. If you stick even a smaller version of a normal web advert on a mobile web page, it suddenly can become as big or bigger than the actual page content, and likely will take longer to load. I think if you want to forecast public attitude towards that, think along the lines of loading a page full of flash ads over a 28.8 modem.Case in point: I check the weather every morning on my smartphone. I used to use one of the major commercial sites, but no more. That site put enough ads at the top of the page that there was zero content visible until I started scrolling. So now I use a smaller, but still fairly well known site that provides just as good data, with only one or two lines of adnvitisreg so that the essential information I want to see is visible in the first screen. So the net result is that the site with less ads is making more ad revenue from me.The screen real estate of mobile browsers is not going to increase appreciably any time soon, since the size of our pockets is not going to change, and so this must be taken into consideration when thinking about user reaction to mobile ads. Imagine if a website you visited had a 1600x1200 screen full of ads at the top of every page that you had to scroll past to see what you wanted to read, and which took 5 times as long to load as the rest of the page. Would you visit that site much?
The abtiily to think like that is always a joy to behold
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